Hi ! Welcome to my creepy crawlies web page !  I am a student from 5u'99, Rulang primary school, Singapore and this is my project on mealworms !  Perhaps that you do not know that mealworms are actually the larva stage of beetles, are you afraid of them ? Now, my talk about mealworms is going to begin... ... 

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The introduction of mealworms

Life cycle of mealworms

Information on the life cycle of mealworms                 

Food source of mealworms

predators of mealworms                          

habitat of mealworms   

Life time of a mealworm

conclusion of these creepy crawlies


mealworms & beetles 





        I would like to thank my form teacher, Mdm Beh, for the useful science notes that gave a lot of information and also my telementor, Sudhir Goel who answered all my doubts on my way in building my web page. Last but not least, I had another source of information line and that's the internet. I would like to thank the web masters of these web pages :








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