Food Source Of Mealworms  

        At the first stage of the mealworms' lives, same as the chicken egg, they feed on the egg yolk and egg white for water, nutrients and food.

        At the second stage of their lives which is the mealworms stage, they eat a lot of food. Depending on the types of mealworms, the common types usually feed on wheat, corn and oat.


        At the third stage of their lives, they do not feed at all but there is a reason behind this. During their previous life stage, they eat a lot but at the same time, they also store food in their bodies for their pupae stage. Now, in their life stage, they feed on the food stored inside their bodies.

        At the last stage of their lives, again depending on different types of beetles, they eat different types of food. Like the Drugstore beetle, it feeds on pastry, bakery products and animals products. For the common types of mealworms, they feed on juices from fruits and vegetables.