On The Life Cycle Of Mealworms

        The first stage of a mealworm's life is an egg. The egg is smaller than the egg picture shown here. The colour of the egg is white but dusted with age.

        The second stage of a mealworm's life is the larva stage, during this stage, it moves about by crawling and it also sheds it's skin several times and this process is known as moulting. They look weird when they do moulting and their old skin had ridges that look like scales.

        The third stage of a mealworm's life is the pupa stage. It looks very and super ugly because it is WHITE in colour. During this stage, same the pupa of the butterflies, it does not eat AT ALL !

        The fourth ( last ) stage of a mealworm's life is the adult stage. As the beetle grows older, it gets darker in colour. The adult stage which is called the beetle stage is the most active stage in it's life cycle. To protect themselves from their enemies in this stage, they bite hard and move very fast too !